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Pumicestone needs a fresh approach.  We've had the LNP trying to sell off our public assets.  Now we've had almost three years of Labor's Rick Williams.

Neither Party has done more than a token for Pumicestone.  If you want Rick gone, then there's no sense going back to the LNP!  It's time to support your Independent Candidate Eric Shields, who will vote in Parliament in the best interests of the people of Pumicestone and will bring Pumicestone back to the attention of government in Queensland for the right reasons!


Pumicestone is one of the most beautiful electorates in Queensland, yet it has become the forgotten electorate, north of Brisbane.

Neither major Party has shown any real interest in delivering for our community.  Labor has done next to nothing since Rick Williams was elected in 2015 and there is no reason to believe it will be any different next time if the LNP win the seat back again.  It is time to end the silly Two-Party political game.

Pumicestone is also one of the most beautiful electorates in Queensland!  Eric will make sure Pumicestone gets its fair share of spending and services!