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Time to Flush a Bully Out!

Folks, I've just posted on The Truth - Moreton Bay the letter I received last month from Rick Williams' solicitors demanding an apology for the things I've been writing about him on my pages.

I responded to that letter by the Monday deadline as demanded, but since then all has gone quiet on the Wil…

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Let's Give Rick the Flick!

Other candidates are jumping on the band-wagon... There must be an election in the air!

For example, the LNP is spending a fortune on billboards and signs saying exactly what I've been saying for ages.  As you know, I've been exposing Rick Williams' bad behaviour from the day he was elected in 2015…

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Off to the polls shortly

Folks, in just a few weeks we will be going to another State election in Queensland.  This Labor government has limped along with a very slim majority in the Parliament since voters threw out the Campbell Newman LNP government in January 2015, depending on the vote of the Member for Pumicestone to p…

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