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About Eric...

Where does Eric live?

Eric lives with his partner Gully right in the heart of our electorate, in the coastal community of Meldale.

What experience does Eric have?

Schooled at Sydney's Newington College, Eric has spent most of his life in the hospitality industry, with successful careers with some of Australia's best known companies.

After a number of years introducing video gaming to licensed clubs and hotels in both the Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales where he held two licenses through the New South Wales Government, Eric also held senior sales and management positions with Carlton & United Breweries, Guinness Australia and Independent Distillers Pty Ltd where Eric introduced two major market leaders to Australia with both Vodka Cruises and also Woodstock Bourbon, achieving many sales awards and setting record sales figures for his employers.

During this time he also worked as a musician and professional DJ.  At 17 years of age, Eric was on stage supporting the legendary Daddy Cool band.  Eric then went on to do tours with bands like Midnight Oil, Cold Chisel, Skyhooks, Dragon, and Tommy Emmanuel, to name a few.

With over forty years experience as a Sales Manager, Musician and Entertainer, Eric has an unusual set of work skills  – negotiation, relationship building, innovation, product and market development, loyalty, commitment, and more.

Eric will bring these skills to his role as a Parliamentarian, so that Pumicestone is no longer the forgotten electorate that it has become over the last few years.

Why should I vote for Eric?

Eric has demonstrated his passion for and commitment to the Pumicestone community.  He believes governments should listen to the people, and politicians should work for their communities not for their own selfish interests.

There is no one better suited to sorting out the issues facing our electorate, and nobody better suited to giving the flick to Rick!

Chat with Eric...

If you would like to speak to Eric about anything of concern to you, or you would like to help "give Rick the Flick", click on the logo below to go to Eric's Facebook page...